Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 9

Today was a relaxed day! Aly had her Swahili lesson this morning at our house. While she did that I did a bit of emailing etc. and Bible study. Shortly after Edward, the Swahili teacher, left Dan & Rachel came over to check out our stove. Our stove was supposed to be fixed, but we still smell a lot of gas when we turn on the tank. Dan said that it hadn’t been fixed and it needs a new regulator so he’s going to find one for us. We visited with them for quite some time about the quirks of this house and the renovations that will be taking place shortly. After Dan & Rachel get back from a trip to the States they will be living in this house. They aren’t quite sure how it will work, but it will be an adventure. Their son Braden is really excited about it though. He says it’s like living outdoors, and boy is he right!
Much of what we had talked about, with Dan & Rachel, lead Aly and I into a deep discussion about life around here. It is very different culturally, and what we’ve found is that if you bring American culture into things it is way harder to get involved with the people here. The people here know how to love by the amount of time they spend with each other. And when asked how life is, it is important to ask about their family. Life here is a community event; it’s not individualistic like in America. After about a very deep, very spiritual discussion, Aly and I had lunch. I then went back up stairs and continued to spend time with God reading and praying. Soon I became tired, which is a normal occurrence around 2-3 o’clock, as I believe my body hasn’t completely changed time zones yet, so I rested my eyes.
Around 3:30 Rachel called and wanted to know if we wouldn’t want to go for a walk with her on the guard’s trail around RVA. We gladly agreed as we had been in the house all day. The first portion of our walk was a gradual incline up the mountain. About 30 min into our walk we came across “killer hill” and let me tell you, it kills every muscle in your body! Not to mention the fact that you just can't breath! Once over that it was all downhill from there. It was quite refreshing to be physically challenged and have great conversation! We learned a lot about Rachel and her background, as well as passions and where she sees their life in the next couple months. Even after we had finished our walk, we chatted outside our house for another good 45 min about her ministry here and thanking her for the way in which she has connected with these people!
Aly and I were both starving when we got back so we made a snack, and again just spent time chatting about our lives and the interesting body issues (me kidney stones, her chrones like symptoms) and just where we’ve been and what we can and can’t eat.
We are now preparing to head to Dan & Rachel’s for dinner tonight! I can’t wait! Dan’s food is absolutely wonderful!!!!

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