Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 11

Well today we got up and met at the Mendonsa’s to head to the IDP Camp for church. On our way to church we took Pastor Peter to see Naomi’s Village. While there we prayed over the building and for the children that would soon be living there. Then we headed to the IDP Camp. When we arrived it didn’t take long for a group of people to show up. After watching the children jump rope for awhile, it was time for church. All of the IDP Camp Men and Women sat on the ground. Some of our people sat on the two benches that they had while the rest of us sat on the ground surrounded by children.
Pastor Peter asked that they do a worship song, so Doreen lead them in a couple. It was pretty awesome! Then Peter began preaching on Isaiah 54. It was quite interesting at times. Peter Preached in English and Joseph translated into kikuyu.
After church was over we quickly went to Doreen’s tent to have chai and mendazies. We couldn’t stay long as Emily had to be back up in Kijabe to help set up for her band concert.
Once Aly and I returned home from church we decided it was a good afternoon for a nap…and that is just what we did. After waking up from our nap and making some food we chatted for quite awhile. Then we walked down the road for Bob and Julie to pick us up for Emily’s concert at 7. It was fantastic. The Jr. High band was quite talented and I was completely blown away by the High School Band. The concert also included the choir performing their program they did while on choir tour. It was entitled “I Believe.” It was also very good!
After the concert was over we hurried to the gym where they were showing the FIFA World Cup (Soccer). It was a pretty good game until no one had made a goal and they had to go into overtime, and then the ref started making some bad calls. But what do I know about soccer.
It was around 12:15am when Aly and I returned home. When we walked into our house, there was a big surprise. A big moth had decided to let himself in through the pane less window in our bathroom—that's a whole different story. Well Aly and I couldn’t sleep with it flying around our house, so she found a plastic bowl and I found some cardboard and we caught him and threw him outside. However, in the process of locking out door (there’s a metal gate type door you lock first) he flew back in to the same spot he was in previously. So this time Aly found a plastic pitcher and again I found some more cardboard. This time I was ready to shut the doors, and Aly chucked the container out the door. This time we succeeded!
After that we were quite tired, and headed to bed!

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