Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 7 (July 7, 2010)

Day 7
Well, I’ve been here a week now, and I’m slowly starting to get the hang of life here. I’ve already learned a lot culturally, and spiritually. God is definitely helping me understand some things He’s been trying to teach me for weeks and even years. One of those things is authentic faith and how it comes by not just knowing the Word, but by living it and making every action line up with what He’s taught. He’s also helping me to trust Him. In America, it seemed as if I had this one down, but fly me half way across the world in a place I can’t even understand the people and trust becomes a whole new scenario. The funny thing is, it all began the moment I stepped foot on my first airplane, and it kept building and continues to build. God has also shown me through the scriptures that I’ve been reading just how important trust is. A great hope that I’m holding onto is the story of Job. He trusted God so much, and God knew that He did. He allowed Satan to take everything from Job, but He told Satan, “but on the man himself do not lay a finger.” And in response to this Job didn’t become angry or upset, “he fell to the ground in worship.” Again Job’s trust and faith is seen when God allows Satan to make him ill, but God again says, “but you must spare his life.” Job’s reply to his wife is this, “shall we accept good from God and not trouble?” Job knows that God will protect him and doesn’t turn away from him!
There are many other things that God has helped me realized that I need to continue to strive in doing. I am very thankful for the way in which I’ve been raised, because many of these things He’s teaching me were initiated in my childhood.
Today was an errand day. We carried our laundry over to the Mendonsa’s this morning, so Stephan, their house helper, could wash it for us. Around 10:00am we left for Nairobi. Tim and Dee Dee were headed to Lamou and had to be taken to the airport. So once we dropped them off, we went to one of the malls to go grocery shopping, eat lunch, and do some banking. After all of that was completed we headed back to Kijabe, where Aly and I spent the later part of the afternoon reading. Our gas stove is now fix (kind of) so we cooked here tonight and are now just hanging out before going to bed!

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