Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 33

Today I got up at 8:30 and showered as with so many people in the house we are on a tight bathroom schedule. At 9:30-10:00 we headed down to show everyone Naomi’s Village. After an Hour there we headed into Naivasha to get money, exchange shows, and eat dinner. We had some amazing Indian food at a gas station restaurant.
After lunch and potty breaks we went to see Doreen at the IDP Camp (she called last night telling us she missed us). She made us hot cocoa and again poured out her heart to us and what God was teaching her. Many tears were shed yet again.
Around 5 we left and began preparing for supper. Tonight was Korean pancakes, fried okra, chips and queso. We all chatted as usual and then played a game of settlers. Sean with my gracious help won. After that Jillian needed to work through some tough things so we chatted to solve some of the issues.
Now its super late and tomorrow will be busy.

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