Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 38

Well I woke up this morning feeling better. We didn’t have anything really to do today, so we slept in and relaxed all morning. We Julie cooked for quite awhile, and I helped her make homemade corn tortillas. It took a lot of work and a little perfecting until we finally figured it out. Around 11, Rachel called and Teri, Sean, Jillian and I walked up to the duka and market. We got some items that we needed for our big dinner tonight, and we also did some fun shopping. I got some pretty cool gifts for my sisters and my mom. Some beaded earrings and a necklace, and an ebony nativity for my mom! It took so good bargaining skills from Jillian for me to get the nativity.
After all the shopping was done, we returned home, and Jillian and Sean went to see how the men were doing. While we were at the duka we found out Doreen could no longer come to the dinner we were planning for her and Joseph. Jillian and Sean still wanted to go with the men to Naivasha and hang out, so they did. By this time, I wasn’t feeling the greatest again, so Emily and I watched Cheaper by the Dozen 2 and just chilled out until it was time to head up to the Bransfords for dinner.
Even though Doreen and Joseph and their families couldn’t come, we still had lots of food and a wonderful time of fellowship. After dinner we all headed up to RVA for a bonfire. It was quite fun!
Once returning home late, we (Sean, Jillian and I) all stayed up and chatted until about 1 and then headed to bed.

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