Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 34

Today, was a busy day. Around 9:30 Julie, Jullian, Emily, and I all headed to Limuru to the Brackenhurst. It is a missionary retreat center. There we bought internet time and spent a few hours uploading things and checking emails. Around 12:30 we had lunch there. It was quite tasty. At 1:30 we packed up and headed back to Kijabe, arriving home at 2:30.
At 3:00 Sean and I walked up to the Dentist to get out teeth cleaned. It was quite interesting. I was a little nervous, but the Kenyan hygienist did a fantastic job. And it only cost me 1300ksh or $16.25.
After our dentist appt we began working on dinner plans. We made lasagna and garlic bread, green beans, and something else. Jillian also made 2 pies (pecan and banana cream).
After dinner, we sat around and talked as usual. It was a tough night for Jillian and she and Sean and I had a really long, but extremely good! We started to watch “the big bang theory” but never finished one episode because of the conversation.
We didn’t go to bed until 1:00 but it was well worth it!

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