Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 13

This morning was another just relaxing, hang out and chat morning. Julie taught until 10:30, Bob had clinic and Dan had some meetings. We planned to leave around 11:00am to go to Nairobi because Dan & Rachel needed to renew their visas. With everything that was going on this morning, we didn’t get left until after 1:00.
We drove to Nairobi and found the place where they needed to get their visas renewed. It was quite funny trying to get out of the road where we dropped them. It seemed to be a one way road, except the only way out was through a do not enter sign. Finally we got out and headed to the Intercontinental. It is a hotel with multiple restaurants in it. Since we hadn’t had lunch yet we decided to park and eat there.
Not long after we got there, Bob called Dan to let him know that plan. Dan informed Bob that they were almost done. We found a table or rather a few and sat down. Not more than 10 min later Dan, Rachel, and Braden showed up. We ordered our drinks and soon ordered some food. It was a cute little place. It was very relaxing and it was easy to forget that you were in Nairobi in Africa! We got our food, which was excellent and just relaxed there by the pool. It didn’t seem like much time had passed but we soon realized it was almost 5:00pm
With our bellies fully and no visas, (they were told they had to have two passport photos) we piled back into the car for our drive back home. Not long ago we arrived back home. We’ve just been hanging out and will soon be eating dinner.

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