Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 28

Today we headed back down to the IDP Camp. WE arrived at the school around 12. Sammy Camou, and Alex all came as well. Sammy is the guy who helped build and fund the school.
After a bit of talking with all of them, we went into the classroom. We brought them a story book of Noah's Ark which I read tot he children while Doreen and then Sammy translated. Soon it was time for the children to go so we all sad our goodbyes.
Today, we brought lunch for everyone. We brought somosas and chapatti from Mama Chiku's and sodas from the duka. We ate and chatted at the school for quite sometime. Then we discussed the price for building the school a kitchen and how much it would cost to fee one child a day. AFter many calculations, it came out to be $2.50 to feed one child. For many of these children, it will be their only meal or at least their only nutritious meal.
Around 2:30-3 we headed back up the mountain. It was quite the adventure today as we had the green hornet. Julie had driven it down a couple times before, but never back up. There were many bumps along the way, but she did excellent!
When we arrived home, the men weren't back yet, and neither was Sean, who'd spent the day in the hospital observing some very interesting surgeries. Julie had some errands to run so I went with her. On our walk we Ran into Lorrie and Kim and we chatted for quite some time. While we were chatting Sean who was on his way home stopped to talk as well. Soon we were on our way again. AFter solving some of the errand problem we went down to the new house Bob and Julie will be living in. The wall had been knocked down and it was looking good!
When we arrived back home, Sean, Emily and I played a game of settlers. Sean won tonight. Then I talked to my mom for about 30 mins. on skype. It was so good to hear her voice and chat with her about life. Soon it was dinner time. Tonight was chicken curry and beef curry. It was yummy as usual!
After dinner tonight Bob and Julie told stories about their grandparents. They have some funny stories!

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