Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 8

Day 8
Another busy day here in Kenya! Today we met Ben and Aubrey, a couple who is fact finding. What I mean is Ben is here to see what the needs are as he and his wife feel called to ministry. Bob and Julie took us all to Comfort the Children (CTC) first. CTC is a basically a school for disable children in the area. While the children are being schooled and doing physical therapy activities their mothers are given a job sort of to help them pay for the education. The mothers spend their day sewing. They make bags with the CTC logo on them and this becomes sort of a fundraiser for the organization. They have also begun to sew school uniforms and other necessities.
After visiting there for about an hour, hearing and seeing what the ministry was all about, we took them to Naomi’s Village. There I’m not sure what Ben and Aubrey all saw or were told as Aly and I were swept away by all of the women. Because we have such a great relationship with the women there, they were not afraid to put us to work. We gladly helped them by carrying roofing tiles to the second floor of the boy’s wing; however, we were not as fashionable as they were. All the women of course carried them on their heads where as Aly and I carried them like we normally would. Please not that they had pieces of cardboard and stocking caps to cushion their noggins and we did not! We spent probably 20-30 mins doing this and then it was time to leave, so we said our goodbyes and were on our way.
We then made our way back down to the IDP Camp just to show them around a bit. There wasn’t as much action there as usual because all the children were in school. After visiting these places we again headed back up the mountain.
Aly and I were dropped at home, and we made lunch. Then about an hour later, walked to the Mendonsa’s to plug in our computers and catch our next ride.
This outing was with Dan and Rachel. They have been working on getting shoes for about 159 kids at the IDP camp and needed to place the order in Naivasha. We were able to go along with them, which was good for Rachel who still had a lot of paperwork that needed to be completed before making the order. We gladly helped her tally and convert shoe sizes. After placing the order with Josephine, we went to the store to pick up a few more needed items.
We have just returned from that outing and Bob made us eat at his house before returning to our place for the evening. I’m not sure of any sort of plan for tomorrow, but there usually isn’t a dull moment here!

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