Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 12

Today was somewhat of a quieter day. Ok not really! It started of quiet. Aly had her Swahili lesson this morning and I slept in and read. We had a late breakfast and then walked up to the Duka (store) to get some things we had needed. While there Aly was going to register her cell phone, but the lady that worked there said she needed her passport. So we walked back down to our house, and decided to walk back up just to take care of it. She registered he phone, and decided to walk to Rachel’s to get some paperwork she needed for registering her modem.
When we arrived at Rachel’s she made Aly some tea and me some crystal light. We chatted for some time. We even got to see Braden’s awesome tent he made in his room! We made plans to go on a walk later and then decided to go back home and make some lunch. While at home for lunch after a couple hours had passed and we were preparing for our walk, we discovered something quite disgusting!
Aly went to do some crunches on her bed, and she noticed something crawling on her bed. Thankfully Rachel arrived a few minutes later, and she informed us they were termites! We made some calls to Julie and Bob to inform them of the situation. Bob and Dan were in Maai Mahui and were going to pick up some termite spray. Because we couldn’t really do anything else we decided to go on our walk around RVA.
When we returned they guys had put some termite stuff on our door step, however, there weren’t any instructions so we couldn’t do anything with it. We decided to walk to Dan and Rachel’s and then see if we could get the car to move our stuff out. Dan, Aly and I walked over to the Mendonsa’s and Julie decided she wanted to see the termites so she came back to our house.
Aly and I quickly packed our things and we were off to our new homes. Aly is now staying with Dan & Rachel and I am staying with Bob and Julie!
Tonight I helped Julie make spaghetti and garlic bread. Dan made fried egg plant and zucchini. We also had cake and ice cream tonight, because Emily was the top English and Geography student in her class!!!!

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