Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Today I receive a message from Julie concerning my housing...
"Amanda and I are working on housing for the many people who are coming to Kijabe this summer. Unfortunately, the 3-bedroom house we thought would be available, is not going to open up until late July There are other options, so no worries. However, I need an idea of how your fund raising is coming along and what your housing budget is likely to be. Once we have a good idea of where you are financially, we can secure the best option for your budget."
Please pray that God provides a safe place for me to stay as well as financially for this change!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Let's start at the very beginning

Hello Everyone,
This is a blog to keep you informed on my journey to Kenya. It's quite a journey God has brought me on thus far and I haven't even left the state of Nebraska! I'll start with how this all came about and try to bring you up to speed with the least amount of words as possible.
Many of you know that in order for me to graduate I have to complete an internship. I knew that I wanted to complete it this summer, but I had know idea even where to start look. I spoke with my professor to get some ideas on where to start. He told me I needed to do something that I wanted to pursue with my degree. I plan on getting my masters in Social Work, so he mentioned working with an orphanage. Thoughts on this idea pretty much ended where they began. I then contacted the church I attend in Omaha and set up a time to talk with the community pastor Greg Teal. We discussed many local ministries that he thought I may enjoy doing. As our conversation ended, I mentioned to him that my professor said I could work with an orphanage. He then began to tell me about Lost Orphans International. I immediately went home, looked at their web page, and sent Tim Cypert, LOI's president, an email. It wasn't until a couple months later that I received and email back. We continued to email over the next month concerning requirements for my internship. On Dec 14th, 2009, I received an email asking if my availability was June and July and if we could have a phone interview. On Dec. 28th, 2009 a season in my life where I became very impatient with God not even concerning this, Tim called me. We had a wonderful phone conversation discussing the plan at that time. Up to this point, I had no idea if i was even accepted to go. By the end of the conversation, Tim said, "Let's just plan on you doing this!" I was going to Kenya, and I was so excited!
Side story: Ever since I was a little girl, I had dreamed about going to Africa. However, I just figured it was one of those dreams that wouldn't come true.
At that current stage God showed me that when we become completely broken even when being impatient, that's exactly when He steps in to show you just how real He is!
After my phone conversation with Tim, he put me in contact with Bob and Julie Mendonsa and Amanda Goble (people I will be working with in Kenya). At this time the plan was for me to leave for Kenya the second week of June. More specifically, things discussed for me to do were filling out and filing paperwork for the children that will be living in the orphanage. As well also possibly training single women and mothers who would be working at the orphanage. There was also discussion of helping start a purity education program for young women. The hope with this program was to educate young women so that they could have stable jobs instead of resorting to prostitution.
Amanda and I continued to email. Eventually the plan began to change. Here comes another teaching lesson from God. Generally, I am not a person that adjusts to this kind of change very well. When I get my mind set on something like this, and things begin to change, I'm usually ready to throw in the towel and call it quits. Every time a change occurred, God gave me the ability to graciously accept it and become even more excited about what He was going to do.
At this current time as I write this, I will be working in a Hospital with two chaplains who go from patient to patient counseling and encouraging them and their families. I will also be visiting a nearby day orphanage called Little Lambs, along with any doing anything else that may need to be done.
My flights have been booked! My travel dates are June 29th through August 14th.
Please continue to pray that God opens the doors that he wishes for me to walk through. I am also still really low on funding so continue to pray that God would provide in that way as well.