Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 41

Today was Bob and Julie’s anniversary. We didn’t do anything this morning as Rachel was finishing up packing. Around 12 we walked up to tell her goodbye—it was quite sad. We then walked over to Mama Chiku’s for lunch as Bob and Julie were taking them to the airport and left around 1:30. After lunch we came home for awhile then decided to go for a walk. On our walk, we saw a whole family of Baboons.
When we returned home I finished doing some laundry while Jillian and Emily baked a cake. Once they were finished, I made pizza sauce for our mini pizzas and cooked the meat.
After all was prepared we (Sean, Jillian, Emily and I) all ate some wonderfulness. Jillian taught us the game of mau and we played for hours. We then decided to watch the Little Giants. We just got done chatting so goodnight.

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