Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 22

Around 9:30am we were picked up to go do some work at the orphanage. However, we really didn’t leave then. All I know is we headed down the Mountain, went to Maai Mahiu and got supplies and made it to the orphanage at lunch time. After a small bit to eat we finished painting the windows that were in.
After this task was completed we began building the driveway. All of the debris from the chipping of the stones was shoveled into wheelbarrows and haled to make the Road.
Around 4 work came to a stop because some people had to walk back up the Mountain.
Tonight Tim, Mike, & his family came over for dinner. It was curry night! After our meal everyone but Bob, Julie, Mike, and Tim headed over to the ENT house to have a worship night. It was pretty cool. Around 10 we came back home, but they were still meeting. Sean & I decided to watch “Waiting for Guffman” a movie Bob & Julie recommended. It was ok but not my fave. After the movie the meeting was still happening so I got online and checked email and chatted with my mom. At midnight they were done and we all were able to go to bed!

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