Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 31

Today we got a wakeup call around 6:30 (A wake up call is a Kenyan coming to your tent and rattling the zipper while saying good morning). Sean also threw in a couple of wake up calls even though we were awake. We went to breakfast and left on our 2nd safari at 7:30am. We saw so much this morning!
Around 10 while driving, I fell asleep for a bit. I hadn’t slept good at all last night and was very tired. However, I didn’t miss the cheetah feeding her cubs or the lion who had just killed a wildebeest. Around 12 we headed back to camp for lunch. And after lunch Katie and I took naps.
At 4:00 we went back out on safari. We were on a mission for a leopard-which we didn’t find, but we saw some great elephants.
After safari, we came back and got ready for dinner. Tonight’s entertainment was a Kenyan sort of mariachi band. We are now getting ready for bed as morning will come awfully early.

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