Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 37

Well I thought today was gonna be a good day. It started out good anyway. At 7:45 am Sean and I got up to go for a run around Moffat field. We returned home around 8:15 and I was feeling pretty good. I showered, ate some breakfast, and had a really good quiet time. At 10:00 we all piled in the car and headed down to spend the day at the IDP Camp.
We all sat around and talked, while we drank some tea/hot chocolate. Around 11:30 my right kidney began to hurt. Julie hadn’t been feeling good all morning either, so we sat and tried to relax while the others learned how to make chapatti. Dorcus was also with us and she made the rest of lunch while Doreen made the chapatti.
We ate and then walked down to see the addition to the chicken project. Still not feeling well, we walked back to Doreen’s for some more tea. After tea, Doreen took Rachel, Teri, Jillian, and Sean to the school so Rachel could get some more pictures for a video she plans to make.
Just after 4 the guys arrived to take us home. By this point, I was pretty miserable. We arrived home, and Emily made me some Lemonade. I then laid in bed for awhile while everyone else showered. I wasn’t feeling much better, but I thought maybe a shower would help. Sadly it didn’t so I returned to my bed.
After awhile, Katie arrived and came in and prayed for me and suggested getting some strong Tylenol from the Hospital. By this point, I was in some pain.

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