Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 14

Today was pretty much a typical day here in Kijabe, except Sean came. Bob was at his last clinic this morning and Julie had class today. Stephen and I were the only ones here! Around 10 am we heard a beep of a horn and Sean had arrived. Stephen helped him carry his stuff in and then he introduced me to him. I was getting ready to do my bible study in the living room when Sean came out. We talked for awhile, and Bob soon arrived. Not long after Bob’s return Julie also walked through the door. We all chatted for awhile. Bob said he had a few more patients to see so he took Sean with him. Around 12:30ish everyone had returned and we has some left over spaghetti before heading down to do the normal first day visits.
We arrived at Naomi’s village when everyone was at lunch so not much was happening. We left Dan and Bob there to work and we went to the IDP Camp to let Sean experience that. While there we walked down to the school because Julie hadn’t seen it before. While there we met up again with Sammy. There was some construction going on there and many children to play with! After some time there we went to check on Joseph as he wasn’t feeling well. Doreen made everyone chai and today she made me hot chocolate, it was absolutely delicious! After some time socializing with all of them we had to go so we could pick up the guys.
We grabbed the guys and headed back up the mountain. Before returning home we stopped at the new house that Bob and Julie will be moving into around Aug 15th. They are adding onto the house that is there and even though its smaller, it will be beautiful! Now we are home getting ready to prepare some wonderful dinner. It’s Mexican food tonight…yay! :D

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