Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 23

Today was a typically busy morning. Around 9:30 we all loaded up & headed to crescent Island-another walking safari. Today we saw: water buck, wildebeests, zebras, impalas, tom gazelle, giraffe, and a hippo. We spent about 2 hours walking around the “island” being with the animals. At 1:00 we left and headed home.
When we arrived, Julie, Rachel, Sean, Emily and I all got busy popping popcorn for the movie. At 5 we headed down to Doreen’s to eat before showing the movie. It was amazing to me how she fed all 30+ of us tonight. After eating Joseph told us his story from the clashes and then we went to watch the Lion King. Emily and Faith started out by snuggling with me and sson Ruth was in my lap fast asleep. After intermission for popcorn break, Ruth’s mom, another woman & Ann were all boxing me in-I couldn’t move, but it was totally amazing. Soon the movie was over and everyone loved it. Everyone left, but Faith stayed right by my side until I climbed into the car.
Now it is time for bed after a very fun exhausting day.
During intermission I was sitting holding Ruth, when Ann comes up behind me and covers my eyes & says guess who. I had no idea so I started guessing the typical names, Ruth, Naomi, Esther. She finally told me she was Ann and introduced herself. The funny thing is I’d never met her before and while she had my eyes covered the other 2 women moved in to my space.

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