Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 44 (Traveling Home)

Well, I arrive in Amsterdam about an hour ago. Since being here, I took a bathroom break; however, I haven’t found a shower, but I’ve found a pretty relaxing place to sit by the fake fire. I’m actually sitting across from the “junior Jet Lounge” it’s where the unaccompanied minors go, kinda crazy when you think about the move.
Let’s see…some things to talk about. I haven’t showered in 24hrs. and I’ve played with Elephants and giraffes. My stomach feels funny but I think I have somewhat of a fear of flying.
The guy who sat next to me on my flight was named Momounsam he is on his way to Germany. He is big in the jewelry business and comes from Gambia. He was very friendly. Almost too friendly as he kept wanting to talk and I just wanted to sleep. After a bit I was finally able to sleep. With the help of some sleep medicine, I slept pretty good; however, I don’t think it was quite long enough. Another few interesting facts: there is a museum in this airport, and a place that teaches about alcohol.
Well I’m quite thirsty, so I think I’m gonna load everything up and go a more then like expensive bottle of water.
Well, I didn’t find anything to drink instead I kinda fell asleep. Once when I woke up there was another guy sleeping in the same pod I was sleeping in. I woke up around 8:40 and was feeling quite well. I walked down to a store and bought a plug (I have no clue how much I spent on it) then I found an outlet but it apparently doesn’t work. Ina bit I’m gonna search for another one hopefully. Right now I’m listening to a British kid play the piano and watching people get massages. Airports although boring when you’re alone are also very interesting! Well I’m really thirst so I’m really gonna find something to drink!

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