Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 32

Today we got up around 7:30 packed and ate breakfast. At 9:00 we loaded up and headed back to Kijabe. Again we stopped at a little souvenir shop to go to the bathroom in Narok. We then headed the rest of the way home arriving shortly before 2.
Once we arrived Bob and Julie of course wanted to know how it was, so sean and I gladly informed them of the wonderful adventure. We hadn’t eaten and were a bit hungry so we ate some leftover pizza. Around 4 Sean and I headed up to RVA to play some BB. He totally kicked my butt when we played 1 on 1, but I kicked his in horse!
We then walked home and began helping Julie with dinner as 2 new people were arriving. (Jillian and Brandon)
Around 5:30-6:00 they arrived. At about 7 the Dickerson’s came over and we all ate and chatted for quite some time. At 8:30 the Dickerson’s took Brandon to where they were staying to get him settled. We then had a great conversation with Jillian before Bob & Julie went to watch Dexter.
The rest of us then decided to play apples to apples until we were tired and we all headed to bed.

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