Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm Back

Hey Everyone,
Just wanted to send you a quick up date to let you know that I have arrived safely and am absolutely loving it! To see and embrace Julie, and Doreen was quite a joy/tear filled moment. Naomi's Village is bursting with joy and it is so great to be staying there.
I will write more soon about daily events but I wanted you all to know I am here and safe!

Thanks for your continued prayers and support.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

God says go...

I’m going to Kenya again in literally a month and 4 day! During an email conversation with Tim Cypert in January, we discussed future trips that LOI was planning to take. He offered two sets of dates, one being March 10-20th and the other in June. Knowing that I could not go in June due to a previous commitment my only option was the March trip. Thinking that it wouldn’t work because of classes I kind of put it aside then decided I should check to see when spring break would be. To my surprise, spring break hit the dates perfectly! I emailed Tim and informed him that I was most definitely interested. From that point on, it was completely up to God to put the rest of the trip together. I knew that if I was going to go I had to have $1,750 to LOI by January 22. With God's help, I was able to make that deadline. I am still in process of raising the remainder of the amount which totals to $2,400 leaving me with $700 that I still need to be funded by March 1, 2011.
This trip will be very different than the one I took previous in multiple ways. First, I don’t have to travel alone. Yay! Second, it is much short consisting of only 10 days rather than 6.5 weeks. Praying that God prepares me for this. Third, I will be doing finishing work for Naomi’s Village, and finally, there will be children in Naomi’s Village. Praise God!
Would you pray that God again prepares my heart for this trip, and that He would continue to bless and protect the little lives that I will get to be a part of!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 44 (Traveling Home)

Well, I arrive in Amsterdam about an hour ago. Since being here, I took a bathroom break; however, I haven’t found a shower, but I’ve found a pretty relaxing place to sit by the fake fire. I’m actually sitting across from the “junior Jet Lounge” it’s where the unaccompanied minors go, kinda crazy when you think about the move.
Let’s see…some things to talk about. I haven’t showered in 24hrs. and I’ve played with Elephants and giraffes. My stomach feels funny but I think I have somewhat of a fear of flying.
The guy who sat next to me on my flight was named Momounsam he is on his way to Germany. He is big in the jewelry business and comes from Gambia. He was very friendly. Almost too friendly as he kept wanting to talk and I just wanted to sleep. After a bit I was finally able to sleep. With the help of some sleep medicine, I slept pretty good; however, I don’t think it was quite long enough. Another few interesting facts: there is a museum in this airport, and a place that teaches about alcohol.
Well I’m quite thirsty, so I think I’m gonna load everything up and go a more then like expensive bottle of water.
Well, I didn’t find anything to drink instead I kinda fell asleep. Once when I woke up there was another guy sleeping in the same pod I was sleeping in. I woke up around 8:40 and was feeling quite well. I walked down to a store and bought a plug (I have no clue how much I spent on it) then I found an outlet but it apparently doesn’t work. Ina bit I’m gonna search for another one hopefully. Right now I’m listening to a British kid play the piano and watching people get massages. Airports although boring when you’re alone are also very interesting! Well I’m really thirst so I’m really gonna find something to drink!

Day 42

It was another slower morning, but it got busy. We hung out awhile drinking coffee and talking. Around 10 we began cleaning out the closet in Sean’s room. We sorted out items for Naomi’s Village and packed the away. We then unloaded the bookshelves and loaded up the car. We drove over to the new house and unloaded our first load. We returned and finished cleaning out Sean’s room and then moved to the hall closet. After moving that load, we stopped for dinner. We made some more mini pizzas with Canadian bacon on them. The afternoon was quite slow and uneventful. We had planned to go down to the IDP Camp, but the guys went into Nairobi and didn’t get back until late.
Once they returned they immediately went to work on the house putting up the tongue and groove ceiling in the living room. The women got busy in the kitchen. We made Mexican spaghetti and cream cheese roll-ups. For dessert, we had pecan pie and chocolate chip pie.
While the second pie was in the oven, we went over to see how things were going. It was just getting started but they seemed to know what they were doing. We told them that dinner was ready and to come when they were ready. About an hour later, we all ate dinner. It was quick as the guys wanted to get back to work.
The women made some more coffee and just chatted through the rest of the evening. Around 11 the guys all returned. Jillian, Sean and I had our normal evening chat, and then went to bed around 1.

Day 41

Today was Bob and Julie’s anniversary. We didn’t do anything this morning as Rachel was finishing up packing. Around 12 we walked up to tell her goodbye—it was quite sad. We then walked over to Mama Chiku’s for lunch as Bob and Julie were taking them to the airport and left around 1:30. After lunch we came home for awhile then decided to go for a walk. On our walk, we saw a whole family of Baboons.
When we returned home I finished doing some laundry while Jillian and Emily baked a cake. Once they were finished, I made pizza sauce for our mini pizzas and cooked the meat.
After all was prepared we (Sean, Jillian, Emily and I) all ate some wonderfulness. Jillian taught us the game of mau and we played for hours. We then decided to watch the Little Giants. We just got done chatting so goodnight.

Day 40

Today, we all slept in again. We didn’t have much to do during the day as Rachel, Teri, and Brayden were preparing to leave. Julie still wasn’t feeling the greatest, but she was feeling better. Around lunch time, we went up to Rachel’s so we could get some things at the duka with them. We were going to eat at momma chiku’s but she was closed. We decided to eat at the hospital instead.
After eating, we walked down to the house and began popping popcorn for the movie at the IDP Camp. We began shortly after 1 and finished around 3:30. Everyone decided to take a nap. I wasn’t tired so I read and worked on pictures.
At 5:00 we loaded up and headed to the IDP Camp for dinner. Doreen fed us chapatti, beans, and chicken-I had the whole rib cage on my plate. Once it was dark we started the movie (Madagascar 2). Sylvia, Cecilia, Miriam, and Sheila (pronounced Shayla) immediately found me & we all cuddled to keep warm. About ½ way through we passed out the popcorn and showed a movie with pictures of people at the ICP Camp. After the movie it was time to leave and when we arrived home, we chatted awhile before retiring to bed.

Day 39

Today was Sunday. We all slept in and were going to go to Nairobi for a Day of relaxation. However when we woke up, Julie wasn’t feeling well, so we all just hung out. We spent about 2 hours watching hilarious youtube videos. We ate some lunch and talked for awhile. After eating, again my kidneys weren’t feeling so hot, so Jillian made me lay on the couch while she and Sean did the dishes.
Once they were finished we all gathered in the living room around the computer to watch Invictus. It was a pretty good movie, but the medicine I took to take away the pain made me quite sleepy so I took a snooze in the middle of it.
Once the movie was over we decided we needed to get out of the house. So we went for a walk, on our way to RVA we stopped to see Rachel and Dan. Rachel decided she needed to get out of the house as well and so she and Teri came along for a walk. It took us a little longer than normal to walk the guard’s trail, but we weren’t in a hurry and just wanted to get some fresh air.
After our walk, we discussed dinner plans with Dan and decided we would go back up to their house since Julie wasn’t feeling much better. Dan made pasta with alfredo sauce and we had leftover veggies and chips from last night. We all had some coffee and sat around the fire while Dan’s homemade brownies were in the oven.
Shortly after 10 we all walked back down to our house and chatted while checking email. I’m off to bed now!