Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 20

Today we woke up around 7 am and headed down to get people at the ENT house around 7:20. After loading up the cars we drove down to the Village to do some more work. Julie and I painted lots of window this morning. Around 10 we stopped for chai time and had a little snack then went back to priming the windows. We all shared in some great conversations while we worked. Around 12 we all took a break for lunch. At that time Julie had spoke with Bob and He and Sean needed to be picked up, they had been doing clinic all morning. Julie didn’t want to go alone so I rode with her. We again shared in great conversations of what God had been doing in our lives & how the culture was & how they needed to be loved.
We picked up the guys and Rachel & Dan & Brayden & headed down the mountain. We arrived down there around 3 and went immediately back to finishing up the windows but soon ran out of pain. So instead of starting a new job, we cleaned up to get ready for a dinner Ernie was cooking.
Shortly after 5 we all gathered around the fire pit, prayed and ate some Nyoma Choma-or goat meat. It was actually pretty good except for the fact that half of my plate was fat. Sean’s was all fat.
After socializing with Mary who told me she wanted to be able to fee her children, who are 6 & 2, and about her husband not being around, and that he didn’t treat her well and then it was time to leave.
Since we didn’t have much to eat down at the Village we ate at the ENT house with everyone. After some good chatting we walked home.

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