Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 26

It was another relaxing day. Around 10:30 all the women, kids and Sean headed to the Naivasha country Club for an afternoon of R&R.
When we arrived we walked down to the lake to see if we couldn’t spot any hippos, but they weren’t around. We then ordered dinner, which speedy service is not a Kenyan thing and about 2 hours later we got our food. After eating, coffee, and researching flea bites we headed back home.
Once home we hung out and prepared for dinner. I made scones (craisin & white chocolate chip) while Julie made Keish. Sean helped a little, but kept trying to steal my thunder in saying he helped make them.
Everyone came over to eat and we had a blast. After doing dishes we played a game of scene it. It was really difficult. Sean and Will ended up winning.
Now it’s time for bed!

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