Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 17

Today, we went down to the IDP Camp. There was a medical clinic happening at the school so we visited there a bit, and then played with the children. We gave the children stickers and taught them a song. We painted hundreds of toenails and finger nails. Soon Doreen was escorting us to her tent for lunch. We ate lots of beans & chapatti. After lunch and some teach me hot chocolate we handed out shoes to all the children that Dan & Rachel had bought uniforms for. While this was going on Bob notice one girl (Esther) who was standing in the send row. She has some very obvious mental problems, yet she seemed to know she wasn’t going to get a pair of shows. Bob couldn’t help but to ask if we couldn’t give her a pair of shoes. Bob couldn’t help but to ask if we couldn’t give her a pair as she was already depraved from going to school. Bob brought her into the tent & grabbed a pair of shoes to help her try on. They fit perfectly and when Bob gave them to her she was so happy. She had to put them back in the plastic bag and she left with a huge smile and clutching her shoes. After all the shoes were passed out we headed home.. We had a wonderful meal of left overs, but before that Emily & Will took Sean & I on a little adventure to a cave. It was true hiking down to the cave, but it was quite fun. We then went and played at the RVA’s elementary (Tiche) playground which was a blast. After some fun outdoors we came in for a game of yahtzee. Emily & Will then headed to bed and Sean and I watched Zombieland before heading to bed.

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