Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 16

Today was a wonderfully exciting day! It was a free day. Will, Emily, & Julie just finished school, and Bob finished his fulltime work at Cure, so they all needed a day just to celebrate and relax.
Around 10:15 we all gathered at the Mendonsa’s and headed to Naivasha. It’s about an hour west of Kijabe. We headed to Simba Lodge—a more touristy place. All afternoon we hung out by the pool. Sean, Emily, Braden, Will and I played spoons (using silly bands instead), liar, and more fun card games. We ate lunch and the kids and Dan swam in the pool. After lunch around 4:30ish we decided to walk down to Lake Naivasha where the hippos were. Along the way we saw Zebras, waterbuck and giraffes. It was absolutely gorgeous!! We then headed back-I took a nap in the car-not sure how as I was squashed between Dan & Sean, but it was all good! We had a low key night and went to bed kind of early.

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