Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 42

It was another slower morning, but it got busy. We hung out awhile drinking coffee and talking. Around 10 we began cleaning out the closet in Sean’s room. We sorted out items for Naomi’s Village and packed the away. We then unloaded the bookshelves and loaded up the car. We drove over to the new house and unloaded our first load. We returned and finished cleaning out Sean’s room and then moved to the hall closet. After moving that load, we stopped for dinner. We made some more mini pizzas with Canadian bacon on them. The afternoon was quite slow and uneventful. We had planned to go down to the IDP Camp, but the guys went into Nairobi and didn’t get back until late.
Once they returned they immediately went to work on the house putting up the tongue and groove ceiling in the living room. The women got busy in the kitchen. We made Mexican spaghetti and cream cheese roll-ups. For dessert, we had pecan pie and chocolate chip pie.
While the second pie was in the oven, we went over to see how things were going. It was just getting started but they seemed to know what they were doing. We told them that dinner was ready and to come when they were ready. About an hour later, we all ate dinner. It was quick as the guys wanted to get back to work.
The women made some more coffee and just chatted through the rest of the evening. Around 11 the guys all returned. Jillian, Sean and I had our normal evening chat, and then went to bed around 1.

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