Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 27

Today around 10:30 all the women drove down to the school. When we arrived Doreen was teaching but ushered us in to watch. While we were there they learned about Noah, and many attributes of God. After their Bible time they reviewed some math. What’s crazy was how well behaved the children were especially since there were 50 kindergarteners/1st graders. School dismissed at 12:30 and we walked back to Doreen’s tent. We were only going to have tea, but she insisted on feeding us. She made some wonderful beans and rice and we ate around 3. We had planned to leave at 1:30 but often things change. And today it was a good change. While Doreen was cooking she shared many words of encouragement with us. She shared again how important prayer is and how we need to boldly ask God for what we want/need even though he knows. She shared that when we have nothing left “were I end, He begins” and he will provide. She shared how we have to pray with the right heart and used Jesus praying for the cup to be taken from him but then realizing that it was something he had to do, so even though we didn’t get left as planned-God had other intentions for us.
Around 4 we headed back home. When we arrived we decided to sort supplies teams had brought over. I counted and organized 372 toothbrushes while the others sorted men’s, woman’s & children’s clothes and shoes.
After all was done we began working on supper we made quesadillas and queso. Sean and I slaved over the stove frying chips and bacon while the other chatted.
After supper we played mafia and then everyone left.

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