Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 18

Today we slept in. We didn’t go to church, because the LOI team came in-they were late & we probably could have but oh well.
When they arrived we did some quick introductions and headed back to the Mendonsa’s to eat a quick lunch.
Around 2 we walked back to the ENT house and picked up some folks and walked down the mountain to Naomi’s Village to give them the typical tour (the rest very few road down). We then went to the IDP camp. They met everybody today! While there my little friend Ester who is always carrying around her baby brother Joseph greeted me. I took Joseph from her after handing out bracelets and playing for awhile so that she could play. It was but 5 mins and he was asleep in my arms. While he slept I carried him to Joseph’s tent and around to other places. (Yesterday Ruth fell asleep in my arms). Soon it was time to go and Joseph was still sleeping. I gave him back to Ethers & he stated crying-it broke my heart. We then came back up the mountain. Tonight the green car ran out of gas and some had to walk but that’s another story for a different time. We had Mexican spaghetti tonight and great conversations. Now it is time to sleep!

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