Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 19 (7-19-10)

Today didn’t go quite as we had planned but that’s ok cause God had another plan! We were supposed to get up & be ready to walk down to Naomi’s at 6:30am to lead some of the group; however, when we woke up it was raining. Rain was much needed here & we were very grateful. It however made it to dangerous to walk down so Emily, Sean & I all stayed behind along with a few of the LOI team. We weren’t sure when they would be back, and I wasn’t tired so I stayed up with Emily. Sean went back to bed for about an hour or so. Soon we heard from Bob that they’d be back around 9:45am so we let everyone know. During my free time this a.m. I was able to talk with my Mom, Becca, and Micah. The conversation Micah & I had was absolutely planned out by God. Both of us had been convicted to be in prayer for the same thing & it was wonderful to discuss our concerns. After finishing those convos & helping Julie pack lunch etc. Bob arrived to pick us up. With cars full we headed down the mountain.
When we arrived we were put to work. Sean & I first started to put window panes in the windows which was easy at first. All we had to do was put a bit of clay stuff in the corners put the glass in and then put clay all around the edges. Easy enough we thought. Then we learned we had to smooth it. We tried and tried walked away and observed the pro & tried and tried again. It took all morning for us to do 1 window and after lunch we finally or so we though had figured it out. We finished our window and decided we weren’t good at that task, so we moved onto priming the windows for the rest of the afternoon. It was lots of fun being hands on down there today. Around 5 we packed up and headed back home. Tonight we had Korean pancakes…yummy, veggie stir fry with a peanut butter flavor, and rice and beef. It was very good. We all hung out and chatted for some time. After everyone left & bob and Julie went to watch CSI, Sean & I really weren’t tired-not sure why so we played war which I dominated and chatted about life.
I am now going to bed. Tomorrow should be another fun day!

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