Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 24

Today, I got to sleep in again! Yay! I got up around 9 and honestly just hung out with everyone, lounging around in p.j.’s. Not a lot happened this morning as the LOI team left and Bob, Julie, Rachel, and Dan were planning on going to Nairobi in the afternoon. Rachel’s mom flew in today so they were going to pick her up.
Around 12 the adults left, and Sean and I were left with the 3 kiddos. For lunch we went to Mama Chiku’s . Sean and I ate some samosas, while the three kids had mandazi’s with a fried egg on top. After eating we walked to RVA and played some soccer. I attempted for awhile, and then gave up-soccer is not my talent.
After we were tired of that, we headed home and watched the movie Raising Arizona. It was quite funny. However, I was a bit sleepy and feel asleep towards the end.
When the movie was over, it was time to get ready for dinner. We made ravioli and had salad for supper. It was quite delicious! The amazing dump cake was for dessert again :D
Katie came over and ate with us and then taught us how to play the game settlers. It was a very fun game mostly because it’s the first game I’ve won since being here. It took us quite awhile to play and we had just finished when all the parents returned home.
Tonight after the kids and everyone headed to bed, Sean asked me my testimony. I gladly told him, and then asked if he’d share his. He said maybe that would be my story. One day while putting in windows I asked him to tell me a story just to try to get some conversation flowing, but I’ve yet to hear one…so its kind of a running joke with us! Hopefully, I will hear his testimony soon!
Well tomorrow we are headed to the slum church and I guess it will be quite exhausting, so I’m off to bed!

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